Philosophy 1

The Philosophy Group will be meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 10 am til 12.00. in members’ homes.

The Group will be considering general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with ethics, values, beliefs, morals and society, basic human rights and free will, as well as some of the philosophers who have written on these topics. We will be trying to address such questions through a critical, generally systematic, approach and a reliance on rational argument.

The subject is fascinating as well as challenging and we expect the group to be animated whilst being very friendly and mutually respectful of each other’s many quite different opinions and views. As we explore, think about and discuss the subjects, teachings, thoughts and ideas we come across we will be learning more about both ancient and modern philosophy as well as more about each other – and about ourselves.

You need no background in Philosophy, just an open and enquiring mind.
This is probably the group for you if

  • You are fascinated by ideas and enjoy discussion
  • You’re the sort of person who likes to get to the bottom of an argument
  • You are interested in learning what some ‘great minds’ have thought
  • You enjoy investigating some of the deep questions which have occupied thinkers throughout history
  • You are looking for an enjoyable activity as well as intellectual satisfaction.

This is probably not the group for you if

  • You do not like to have your ideas challenged
  • You become irritated by people who think differently from yourself
  • You cannot see any point in arguing about ideas

Please contact our Group Leader Robin Short for more information by completing the form below: